Sunday, November 12, 2006

"Going off lay"

Egg production has really dropped with the changing of the seasons, we are getting one every other day or so. We think this is Leia and the other two have given up. This might have been a matter of concern for us (given that this is our first winter with the chickens) but today, Jill Archer put my mind at rest by referring to the fact that her hens were "going off lay". I am now completely reassured, safe and sure in the knowledge that if it was on 'The Archers', it must be legit. The chooks are going to bed at 16.15 now! Have added some worming powder to their layer pellets as it has been a while.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Holiday care

We had a week away recently and the chickens were spoiled rotten by Lynn from over the road who treated them with tit bits and even cleaned them out during our absence! (definitely over and above the call of duty!). I think they are missing her visits (Thank you Lynn!).

Temperature drop

The temperature has dropped significantly here, with frost most mornings this week. The nights are drawing in and with the clock changes, the chickens have adjusted their self imposed bed time accordingly. Today they were all in bed by 16.50! Having problems with the auto door which does not seem to be working.