Sunday, September 16, 2012

One laying

It seems that one of our new girls is laying pretty regularly now, though the eggs are quite small. We've been having them for breakfast over the weekend and were amazed to find, despite the diminutive size, one of the eggs was a double yolker!

And they made a very tasty addition to breakfast! (great to have proper eggs again!).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3rd night - 3 1/2 out of 4....

Three of them found their own way to bed tonight and the fourth, at first sight of me, headed for the coop. She protested with lots of very grumpy sounding squawking and I closed the chicken wire door to the coop hoping that she'd find her own way up the ramp. When I returned half an hour later she had! Two of them seem to like sharing a nest box. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd Night - 2 out of 4 not bad

Two of the chooks made it into coop before night fall all by themselves tonight......and there were no chickens in trees or other hard to reach places. A huge improvement on last night. Of the two that didn't make it 'to bed' on their own, one was hidden under a large feral tomato plant, singing softly and the other was tucked away in the corner of the chicken run. Both were very easy to pick up (having 'shut down' for the night). I popped them half way up the ramp into the coop and pushed them on their bums until they eventually went through the pop-hole door into the coop in the hope that they might remember that they're supposed to do this tomorrow........


Given it was their first night in their new coop and they are only 17 weeks old, we were VERY surprised to find this in the coop this morning!

Our first egg from the new brood!

Sunday, September 09, 2012


Where's this then?!

The new flock!

We headed off to Longdown Activity Farm today to buy four new Chooks. They travelled, rather unceremoniously, in a large cardboard box in the boot of the car and didn't look too amused when we arrived home:
They poked around for a bit and we left them to settle in. As dusk was approaching we went out to check they'd found their way to bed.........they hadn't!

I could hear some flapping and to my horror realised that two of our new brood were up in our next door  neighbour's tree!

Oh joy!
There followed some fun and games as we extracted chooks from tree, then enticed them out from UNDER the coop and suggested (shoved them!) they go into the coop for the night where they are less likely to be consumed by Not-so-fantastic Mr Fox.

We also dismantled the compost bin (green box bottom right in photo above) which they presumably used to help them up into the tree.

Hopefully they'll get the hang of it before too long!

Preparing for new flock

So this weekend we've been preparing for our new flock. This comprised tackling the jungle that had grown in the chicken run since the demise of our last lot. There was an incredible variety of things growing in there, including tomatoes, melon, mint, corn, potatoes, nettles, unidentifiable weeds and a whole host of bugs and creepy-crawlies - an entire ecosystem in fact. Having cut this back and dug it up, we then set about the coop itself with some preserver/coating.

Here's a 'before' picture:
And here's an 'after' picture:

All we need now is some chickens!

Quiet for a while

We've been a bit quiet for a while on account of the fact that in November 2011 a fox came in to the back garden early one morning and killed all four chickens. He didn't even take one away to eat, he just took their heads. It took us some time to recover from this and to beef up the security on the the chicken run which we've now done and are hoping that it's Fox proof.