Thursday, May 29, 2008

New blog

For anyone who is interested, now have another blog at:
Can you guess what it's about?!

Chickens to eat

Alan surprised me the other day by saying that he thinks we should have a few chickens and then kill and eat them. Hmmmm........

Molly on the mend

Regularly coating Molly's leg in Grapeseed Oil, followed by weekly coating in Benzyl Benzoate (had to order this from chemist, made sure I mentioned several times, very loudly that it was for my chicken and not anybody in the family as it is a treatment for scabies), seems to be working. The Benzyl Benzoate took some time to arrive and is in a huge bottle - someone else in the village orders it for their horse apparently, so I guess that's why. It is a thick, white liquid. We apply it to Molly's leg with a toothbrush. She's walking on bad leg now, still limping but much better than it was. Also, when applying treatment, her toes(do chickens have toes?!) curl up, which we take to be a good sign as for a while there, she seemed to have no feeling in her foot at all as there was no response to us touching it.