Sunday, September 09, 2012

The new flock!

We headed off to Longdown Activity Farm today to buy four new Chooks. They travelled, rather unceremoniously, in a large cardboard box in the boot of the car and didn't look too amused when we arrived home:
They poked around for a bit and we left them to settle in. As dusk was approaching we went out to check they'd found their way to bed.........they hadn't!

I could hear some flapping and to my horror realised that two of our new brood were up in our next door  neighbour's tree!

Oh joy!
There followed some fun and games as we extracted chooks from tree, then enticed them out from UNDER the coop and suggested (shoved them!) they go into the coop for the night where they are less likely to be consumed by Not-so-fantastic Mr Fox.

We also dismantled the compost bin (green box bottom right in photo above) which they presumably used to help them up into the tree.

Hopefully they'll get the hang of it before too long!

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