Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chilli Chicken!

Those chickens are leading dangerous lives and are coming very close to being plucked, stuffed and eaten this weekend!

I have been growing a chilli plant in the back garden all Summer. It has flourished (which is quite unusual for things in our garden due to my lack of attention span!). I was rather proud of my chilli plant however, it was hanging with over a dozen chillies, some red, some green.

Last night, for some inexplicable and evidently unwise reason, I decided to take my beautiful chilli plant out from under its protective netting and keep it more prominently in the garden (senseless pride and vanity!).

Alan and I joked about the Chickens helping themselves but I was sure that they wouldn't as they show absolutely no interest in anything green (except for grapes and chives) that I offer them (prime spinach, broccoli etc. that all the books say they will love).

When it comes to freshly growing, still on the plant chilli leaves however, it seems that they have an insatiable appetite! Look at what's left! Four green chillies and NO leaves! Have found a few discarded green chillies around the garden but no sign of the red ones. God only knows what effect it will have on their poos!

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