Sunday, April 01, 2007

Alan's Renewable Energy Project (#1)

Alan has a plan. While attempting to reduce our energy use in the house, we are experimenting with a few things (solar re-chargable batteries, solar lights, LEDs etc.). During the course of which Alan has realised that it should be possible to power the 4 AA batteries that run the automatic door of the Hen Coop using a small solar panel. [For those who don't know us, this is probably enough information to enable you to deduce that Alan is in fact an Engineer]. So, this was today's project!


GreenEngineer said...


We also keep backyard chickens (and rabbits, but that's another story) and I've been researching options for an automatic coop door opener/closer. You made reference to having one, but I couldn't find details in any of your other posts. Could you post more information or email me?



GreenEngineer said...

You can email me at

greenengineer -at- lorax -dot- org


Father Geek said...

Just saw your solar powered chicken door opener... I'm building something similar for my own coop and documenting it as well at

I'd love to hear about any issues you've had along the way when dealing with solar powered devices.