Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back on form!

The chooks are back on egg-laying form! We are getting an egg most days now. Have really missed a nice poached egg for breakfast at the weekend. Am attempting to keep track of how many eggs they produce this year, for anyone who's interested, click on the Egg Count link at the top right of the page (or click here).


Kirst said...

Hello Amanda,

I'm glad them chickens are up to something again! But i must say that you are not very good at identifying the layers! (Or is it Layees?!) We have been doing data handling at school so i might have to show my class your table and see if they think there is a more effective way of presenting the information :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda.
Good news about the chickens, we might be contacting you for further info when ours turn up. We have been busy constructing the nesting boxes (is this the correct term?) and securing the small enclosure (60' by 60') as its adjacent to the pig site.
I have added a link to your site from ours! (wowee I hear you say). Checkout www.thesucculentpork.co.uk. You can't leave any messages I'm afraid which is just as well as I'm still in novice phase.