Sunday, July 13, 2008

Custom built Sin Bin

Alan has spent the best part of the day hand-crafting a bespoke Sin Bin for Kiev. Lovingly crafted from the best materials that B&Q can offer (2x4 batten & chicken-wire), this Bowens original boasts a unique design based on tried-and-tested designs from all over the world (hooray for the Interweb!).

Features include:
  • made-to-measure - just big enough (bigger than the Chimenea!) but not large enough to offer any degree of comfort.
  • wire flooring (not very comfortable)
  • raised flooring (encouraging a draft around the bum)
  • securely fitting removable lid/roof
  • newspaper beneath to catch poo
NB: water and food was added after this photo was taken. This photo reminds me of something.......what is it now.........

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