Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So here they are, our new girls. They're young (too young to lay yet) Warrens. They were selected by Abi and her good friends Rosie and Harvey, who duly named them Goldie (one has a band of feathers around her neck which have a definite golden shimmer to them) and Pecky (so named because as I bent down to take a closer look at Goldie, the other chicken started pecking my bottom! In actual fact the children wanted to call the second chicken Pecker.....but we eventually managed to persuade them otherwise!).

The kind man at the farm (who had dispatched more than 30 chickens to new homes already that day), clipped their wings for us and rather unceremoniously, packed them into a cardboard box for the journey home in the back of the car.

Here they are emerging in their new surroundings.

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