Sunday, June 18, 2006

For goodness sake!

Had a moment of clairty this evening and gave myself a thorough talking to. Realised that chucking out 4 fantasticly fresh eggs (we've had one a day since the first one) because I've seen the poo from one of the chickens and it looks a bit runny, is more than a little irrational considering we have always eaten eggs from chickens with bowel movements we know nothing about! So Father's Day breakfast for 5 comprised full English breakfast complete with our own fresh eggs and they were great! Seeing everyone elses eggs (we fried them), Abi decided she wanted one too. Leia was very obliging with this and laid one at about 10 am (just after Abi decided she wanted one!), Abi brought it, still warm, into the kitchen and we fried it immediately. It must have been all of 15 minutes from chicken to tummy.

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