Friday, June 09, 2006

This morning we gave the chickens some 'layer pellets' (food) and a little bit more corn.

Abi is keeping constant vigil, either inside the run or just outside.

The chickens are clearly deciding who is boss, there are a few scuffles going on inside with lots of banging, squawking and every now and then a cloud of saw-dust flies out of the ventilation hole!

Ian advised us to leave the chickens in the house until this afternoon, so they become familiar with it and associate it with safety (so they'll go back in there tonight). We keep having sneaky peeks through the door, ventilation window and nest box roof. I think we'd better go out before we 'accidently' let them out!

Although they can come out into the run this afternoon, they shouldn't come out into the garden for five days. Once they are out in the run, will try and get some photos and introduce the chickens.

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