Thursday, June 15, 2006

Trip to vet

Concerned by Molly's retching, I took her to the local vet today. This was a complete waste of time, he didn't know anything about chickens (there's no reason he should really based where he is). He did say she seemed quite thin though, which has set me off worrying again. Ordered some worming stuff from vet which should be available tomorrow.

Had our second egg but am feeling quite down about the whole thing as we can't eat the eggs when there seems to be a health problem with one of the chickens. However, we don't know anything about chickens (but learning fast!) so there may be nothing wrong with them, so how will we ever know when it's safe to eat the eggs?

Alan is being brilliant (as usual) and says they'll settle down and we'll enjoy the eggs all in good time.

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